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Ice campaign in Mariupol port: to be or not to be?

December - it's that time of the year when the every Shipowner should start thinking about the coming winter, about what kind of navigation in ice conditions will be in the Azov Sea and which risks and requirements to be considered, during fixing its fleet in this area.

Main issues concerning Ice campaign 2012-2013 were discussed at the meeting between agency companies and the management of SE Mariupol Commercial Sea Trade port от 29 November 2012.

According to the Harbour Master & the head of the Ice headquarters for 2012-2013. Mr. Perepechaev: up to 21 December 2012 Hydrometeorological Services cannot predict exact weather conditions.

As for short-term forecasts - in the nearest two weeks there will be a gradual decrease in temperature from +15 to - 05 degrees Celsius.

Although the winter in this year expected to be warm, Mariupol port fully armed and ready to face the winter ensuring maximum services for vessels in ice conditions period.

For these purposes additionally were acquired two new powerful tugs, one of which will be put into operation at the end of December, and the second one - in January 2013, which according to Sergei Nikolaevich will significantly increase the speed of vessels’ service and will not allow any clusters.

After the announcement of the ice campaign in the port vessles with ice class L4-1 will be able to enter the Mariupol, however vessels without ice class also can make such call but only upon getting the permission from its Class Society regarding possibility to make port call at a certain thickness of ice and with appropriate allowable characteristics. These vessels will be considered in each case at a meeting of the ice staff.

Analyzing mistakes of last-year ice campaign, this year the port services have tightened their requirements. If the vessel has not on board the required minimum of ten days water, fuel and provisions – than the vessel will not be released from the port.

Whether or not the ice company will be declared this year, the port management requests Shipowners to be especially careful in the security of maritime navigation in winter period, and take care not only about the ship, but also take care about the vessel’s crews.